Monday, December 28, 2009

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Last show of 2009! December 27, 2009 Line Up

What an amazing two months I've had producing, hosting, and performing with all the talented performers at this show! Sundays have become the only day I look forward to all week. Let's face it, do I really look forward to sitting in front of a computer designing banner ads for 8 hours a day in midtown? I'd rather take my clothes off on stage! I must be the luckiest girl to have such great friends who are also amazingly talented performers, singers, and musicians. It's pure magic when all those elements collide. To top off the year, I am hosting a New Year's Eve Soiree "Decadent Decade" at Chow Bar for those of you seeking a more upscale, elegant and bewitching way to ring in the new year. In addition to the fabulous fabulous soiree, this Sunday's show is going to be a total knock out!

First up is Darlinda Just Darlinda! One of NY burlesque scene's veteran performers, DJD has been featured in Time Out, Italian Marie Claire, and the Village Voice calls her, "a Mastermind of Bizarre Extravaganza”!

The Maine Attraction has worked for and along side such artists as Pharell Williams, Jessica Simpson, James Brown, DJ Tiesto, DJ Carl Cox, DJ Johnathan Peters, Lebanese Pop Stars Haifa and Cherine and fashion designers Patricia Field and Marc Jacobs. And yes, she's here this Sunday!

Weirdee Girl, performer and producer of the burlesque show Gotham Underground in Brooklyn, this fiery flame-haired maitresse is part retro Hollywood glamor and part geekery!

Look, it's a boy in the midst of boobs and glitter! Benjamin Ickies will demonstrate serious accordion skills with some classic cabaret tunes.

Look, it's another boy! Hailing all the way from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Jon Bryant will make you swoon not because of that rugged, "I'm a salt of the earth fisherman" handsome looks but because his single "Deaf" is currently the iTunes Free Single of the Week which he will perform at Dim Sum Burlesque!

Now back to the ladies, the only Russian Princess openly "in hiding" in NYC, is back this weekend to unveil her real secret identity! If not that, she'll unveil something else equally secretive. (wink wink)

Guest Star Broadway Brassy will stun you with that set of powerful, mighty, and absolutely GORGEOUS - lungs! What did you think I was going to say, you deviant.

And myself, Calamity Chang, will be there to make sure you are touching yourself or the person next to you inappropriately. See you Sunday!!

We are skipping a show on Sunday, January 3, 2010 to re-attach fallen rhinestones and jewels from our thongs and pasties. But we will be back fiercer and larger than every on Sunday, January 10, 2010!

Monday, December 21, 2009


Christmas is upon us, with a nice dusting of snow to add to the festivities. We will close Chow Bar on Christmas Eve to give all of our staff a little breather and have a chance to feel the spirit of the year (with some spirits too, hopefully!) We will be open on Christmas day and will be doing some delicious specials - Tasty Blue Point Oysters in Chinese Black Vinegar Mignonnette, Grass Fed Rib Eye Steak Teriyaki, Whole Roasted Spice Rubbed Chicken with wasabi smash and stir fry brussel sprouts, A Warm Walnut Fig Cake with Toffee Sauce and Christians Warm Brandied Wine Cocktail. Come in from the cold and celebrate with us! We wish all a very Merry Christmas and Holiday filled with cheer and laughter.!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Brassy & kossan

Practicing white Xmas during intermission

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Friday, December 18, 2009

The Weekend Specials!

The winter solstice is upon us as well as Christmas! We have some new specials to add to everyones festive spirit . Christian has a new warm spiced rum, port and wine drink and Calamity has an awesome lineup of performers to keep our temperatures rising. In the kitchen there's King crab legs steamed in sake and served with chinese pepper spice and drawn butter. Grilled Filet Mignon, spice rubbed and grilled with a shiitake port wine sauce and wasabi smashed potatoes - bring me a good bottle of red wine with that! Also to cool down and not feel in such a wintery place a Sake Ice Cream Float made with unfiltered creamy sake, ginger beer, mango sorbet and drizzled with a pomegranate syrup - me likey - Have a great weekend!!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

December 20, 2009 Line Up

I am so excited about the next two Sunday shows that I think I may have peed in my underthings a little bit right now. Check out our New Year's Eve Soiree web site -

Guess whose back?? That's Gimme Fried Pork, Dame Cuchifrita!

Producer of Sugar Shack Burlesque and performer extraordinaire, Miss Runaround Sue will grace the Dim Sum Burlesque stage with a special holiday number.

That alabaster beauty Ruby Valentine always glamourous and luminous will be lighting up the stage!

A special performance from Kossan the Japanese Zen monk, on his last night in NYC before returning to Okinawa to study the art of the shanshin instrument. He is truly an unique find and we are sad to see him leave NYC!

Debuting for the first time ever is burlesque newcomer Hazel Honeysuckle, my latest virginal find!

Everyone's favorite chanteuse Broadway Brassy!

And as always, I'll be there to entertain you!

Monday, December 14, 2009

This one's for Nicole

Our amazing server Nicole said to me one day that she would love to know how to cook really well, a small variety of good, basic dishes. That got me thinking - I can easily show her how to do some sauces and cooking preparations that she would enjoy preparing for herself and also look like a cooking rockstar to her guests. Here's a basic marinara sauce I like and you can add some olives, capers, anchovies or whatever else you think would go well with this sauce - Stay tuned for new recipe slide shows - Enjoy! - Peter

Post show at Employees Only

Pandora in the Emploees Only kitchen

Brassy with Peter

Adam Aleksander

Friday, December 11, 2009

December 13, 2009 Line Up

Have you ever seen a turnip that big?? That's what she said! (see previous post) All joking aside, we have a really stellar line-up of performers this weekend. One who is a world-traveler and I have seen her so many times and every time, she blows me away.

Our favorite accordionist Benjamin Ickies is back this weekend and believe you us, we're making him WORK! He will be doing a solo number plus a couple of accompaniments to the girls' acts. That man knows how to SQUEEZE.

Pandora is back with a new act never before seen. We know what it is, but you'll have to come and find out.

Our special Guest Star Broadway Brassy will sing a few new tunes for you.

Lo and behold, it's The Maine Attraction. She will definitely set a fire to your Sunday night. Hint. Hint.

Don't wink or you'll miss what magician Jeff Grow is going to be doing at Dim Sum Burlesque.

As usual, I will be there to say ni hao, hola, and hellooo! (Yes, I'm tri-lingual)
Hope to see you Sunday!

Attention Size Queens!

December is roaring in with some cold weather, making us seek out warmth wherever we can! Our favorite farmer Morse from Windfall Farms has a bumper crop of Golden Turnips, so he reached out to a bunch of us to take them off his hands, each turnip was anywhere from 2 - 7 lbs- Woah! Big and flavor that needed some taming!
I came up with a Golden Turnip Soup with tumeric and melted sweet onions, finished with cream and then pureed. It's served with a dash of Japanese pepper spice, chopped cilantro, toasted sesame and some crispy crab and shrimp won tons. If this dish doesn't warm you up - then have another cocktail!
We are also featuring this weekend a Grilled Ribeye Steak Teriyaki, from grass fed Colorado beef, served with stir fry Chinese vegetables and Tempura Onion Rings.
This weekends Bread and Cheese has a French Triple Creme Savarin, very buttery with Walnut Fig Bread and that delicious Hudson Valley Duck Prosciutto Style - Yum!
For the sweet tooth we have a Black and BlueBerry Brulee with passion fruit curd and chocolate shortbreads. I think Calamity Chang will have some fun with this dish!
Have a great weekend and we hope to see you at Chow Bar!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Pre-show practicing in the kitchen

Benjamin Ickies & Plume de Lune

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Friday, December 4, 2009

Weekend Specials!

We have some great specials for this weekend, as we slowly step into the holiday and winter season!
Our bread and cheese plate features a spicy, savory cornbread with Italian buffalo milk mozzarella, red papaya and some local duck proscuitto, paired with one of our many wines by the glass- it's a delicious plate of flavors and textures.
Grilled Filet of Beef with wasabi mashed potatoes and a shiitake port and plum wine sauce is a perfect dish for the season.
We also have some plump blue point oysters served with a black vinegar mignonnette - spiced with pickled ginger, red onion and fresh ground white pepper - sweet!
Christian also has a new local six point beer on draft made from Rye - amber with a nice bite.
Hope to see you here!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

December 6, 2009 Line Up

Can you believe it's December already? I am not the one to say, "Where did the year go?" I know where my year went. Long hours of rehearsing, mingling at burlesque shows, and husslin' for rhinestones and costumes! But enough about me, here's the line up for the first Sunday of what I promise to be a total powerhouse month at "Dim Sum Burlesque". Buy tickets here.

Plume de Lune - Making her debut at Dim Sum Burlesque, this new face has kittened at numerous places in NYC such as Duane Park and Sweet and Nasty Burlesque.

Dame Cuchifrita - This Dim Sum regular puts the oomph into everything she does much like Sriracha hot sauce!

Broadway Brassy - She is in house and in sound!

Benjamin Ickies - Back by popular demand and post-makeover by yours truly, this accordionist will squeeze his way into the darkest corner of your heart with his cabaret songs.

Weirdee Girl is back! Debuting a number mysteriously only known as "the silver one"... how festive!

And every Sunday, your creator/producer and hostess of "Dim Sum Burlesque!" - Calamity Chang.

Hope to see you this Sunday!