Friday, March 26, 2010

Palm Sunday, PassOver and A Full Moon!

OMG! All in one weekend - Well - we are celebrating the holy spirits with a super hot burlesque show - could there be a sister act involved? - have to check in with Calamity and her talented rotating roster of performers! The kitchen at Chow is cooking up some grass fed ribeye steak - teriyaki style with tempura onion rings and a sweet stir fry of Asian vegetables. We're also serving up our version of the classic wedge - with gala apple, radish, red onion, tofu and a miso thai basil vinaigrette. Light n fresh - I feel the spring thaw coming! Happy weekend and hope to see you at Chow!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring Fever Weekend!

Thankfully the weather is giving us an awesome preview of what's ahead. Warm weather and lots of light! We have our outdoor cafe open for those who likc to dine Al Fresco - Early in the season. That's why Calamity has some newbies this Sunday at Dim Sum Burlesque - It's a time for renewal and to take it off!
We're featuring a Sizzling Whole Striped Bass with a Spicy Sweet and Sour Sauce - lemon Thai chilies and basil - Hot! Sake Ice Cream Float with Mango sorbet and pomegranate drizzle - Cool and Sweet - Hope to see you at Chow Bar this weekend! Peace

Friday, March 12, 2010

Mid March Weekend Specials!

As the sunlight changes (thankfully!) and our minds shift into a lighter feeling with that anticipation in the air for the new season, so does our approach to food. we're cracking open some tasty local oysters on the half shell with chinese black vinegar mignonette - Grass fed Ribeye Steak teriyaki with tempura onions and stir fry chinese vegetables and a Sake Ice Cream Float to take you to a higher place. Calamity Chang is back from her travels and is putting together a new show to spice up our Sunday night. HOT! Remember it is Time to spring ahead this weekend. Hope to see you at Chow Bar!

Friday, March 5, 2010

March Roars In!

Just like the year of the tiger - watch out! While Calamity Chang jets off to be on the red carpet for that annual Oscar bash we'll be here cooking up some delish dishes to keep our senses and taste buds awake and anticipating the change of season ahead. We have some plump and tasty Canadian oysters on the half shell with a Chinese black vinegar mignonette (which actually means that white pepper is a key ingredient in this sauce - love the French for defining food preparations and of course couture - haute) Also crispy potato pancakes done with a twist - topped with sake cured salmon, scallion creme fraiche and salmon caviar - YUM ! The Wok is tossing up Spicy Korean Noodles ( linguini like FYI) with lemon grass beef, scallions and cucumber, hot, spicy and tasty. Look out for some menu changes too this weekend - by saturday I'm thinking
Peace and Love - See You at Chow!