Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Double Red Holiday Weekend!

We are celebrating both that Lover's Day - St. Valentine's and Chinese New Year's - both happening on the same day! This occurs once every 50 years. It's the year of the tiger and those born under this sign will have a shining year! Calamity Chang is hosting an amazing and hot show based on these holidays - I suggest we take her advice and wear red underwear on that day - Seriously! google it. Chow kitchen is cooking up some specials to make you feel the love - Fresh Oysters from Mass. with chinese black vinegar sauce, Grilled Yellowtail with spicy pineapple guacamole, Grass Fed Ribeye Steak, Goat Cheese Fondue, a Warm Chocolate Cake with Blood Orange Sauce and Chocolate Dipped Candied Orange and Strawberries. This is food to feed to each other! I wish everyone a happy new year and Saint V day. See you at Chow!

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  1. 雖然說上班很累,不過還是得努力應付每一天,看看文章休息一下,謝謝你哦! ..................................................