Thursday, February 25, 2010

I Gotta A Feeling!

Wow! This is an awesome winter - growing up here - I missed the snowy winters for awhile - it's great to enjoy it and inspires me in so many ways.
Got to see Black Eyes Peas on wednesday night - great fun show - wanted more of the new music tho' - and what's up with everyone with their constant cell phone pic taking instead of actually watching the show? Seriously? Just watch it on line then instead of live is all I'm saying. Being in the moment is true. Cooking wise I've got a Thai Chicken soup with pineapple coconut milk, lime, mushrooms, basil and a chile lime kick - that'll ward off any cold inducing attacks! We're also grilling up grass fed ribeye steak teriyaki with stir fried vegetables and tempura onion rings to put if over the top. A true winter feast. I know Calamity Chang has another hot show on sunday night Dim Sum Burlesque to put a feather on the end of our weekend cap! See you at Chow!

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