Friday, November 13, 2009

November 15 Stellar Line Up!

Dim Sum Burlesque! has yet another packed house this Sunday! Pre-order your tickets online now to secure a seat for another show!

Everyone's favourite chanteuse, Broadway Brassy, is back at Dim Sum Burlesque this Sunday after two-nights of performing at the Floating Kabarett and "This Is Burlesque" with the world-famous Angie Pontani and Murray Hill!

Introducing a very special guest from Tokyo, Kossan the Zen Monk, will be playing the shanshin and singing old folk songs from Okinawa! (You know, Okinawa, where Mr. Miyagi was from in The Karate Kid!)

The statuesque burlesque goddess, Pandora Scintillator, will seduce you with her greek mysteries!

Ruby Valentine, the Alabaster Beauty, will grace our stage with her classic burlesque moves. She is a real treat!

Stealing her from her busy schedule, we bring you Miss Coney Island 2009 - Gal Friday!!

Ever sassy and juicy Strawberry Fields to put a spin and twist on your words and um, other things.

And last by not least, your hostess with the mostest, Calamity Chang!

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