Saturday, November 28, 2009

November 29, 2009 Show!

Blame it on tryptophan for the tardy line up announcement for tomorrow's show! This week we're bringing BACK the following dazzlers:

Benjamin Ickies and Nicki Jaine of This Ambitious Orchestra will woo you with their dark, sultry German cabaret songs.

Always poppin' fresh Ms. Strawberry Fields is back! Or will it be Lars von Spanken? One never knows with this red head!

The Greek Goddess of Burlesque is returning to give you a spankful of mystery!

Our special guest this month, hailing from Philadelphia, Lil Steph has quite the "steamed buns."

This Sunday night, give your regards to Dim Sum Burlesque regular, Broadway Brassy, who brings down the house every weekend!

And, your hostess Calamity Chang, there for you every Sunday at Chow Bar!

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