Thursday, November 5, 2009

November 8, 2009 Line Up!

Opening night was such a HUGE SUCCESS that I am honored to be able to bring back all your favorite performers to have a repeat performance this Sunday. Check back on this blog every Friday for that week's line-up!

Vocals by the immensely talented and popular Broadway Brassy singing classic torch songs (or whatever her mood strikes her).

The sexy Dame Cuchifrita with her conceptual and exotic acts. She's got the looks, and the brains. You don't mess with this think piece.

The elegant and glamorous Nikkita Lemarcelle bringing an air of sophistication to everything she does.

The statuesque burlesque goddess, Pandora Scintillator, will seduce you with her greek mysteries!

Ever sassy and juicy Strawberry Fields to put a spin and twist on your words and um, other things.

And last by not least, your hostess, Calamity Chang!

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