Saturday, November 28, 2009

November 29, 2009 Show!

Blame it on tryptophan for the tardy line up announcement for tomorrow's show! This week we're bringing BACK the following dazzlers:

Benjamin Ickies and Nicki Jaine of This Ambitious Orchestra will woo you with their dark, sultry German cabaret songs.

Always poppin' fresh Ms. Strawberry Fields is back! Or will it be Lars von Spanken? One never knows with this red head!

The Greek Goddess of Burlesque is returning to give you a spankful of mystery!

Our special guest this month, hailing from Philadelphia, Lil Steph has quite the "steamed buns."

This Sunday night, give your regards to Dim Sum Burlesque regular, Broadway Brassy, who brings down the house every weekend!

And, your hostess Calamity Chang, there for you every Sunday at Chow Bar!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

"Want a little skin with those dumplings?" November 22 Line Up & Other Hot Chow Downs!

Happy Friday, everyone!

Some nibbles:
This Sunday "Dim Sum Burlesque" will feature the following performers:
A special guest, Weirdee Girl, who has graced the stages of Big Apple Burlesque's Starliner Lounge, Kitty Nights, The Slipper Room, and numerous other burlesque hot spots all over NYC!

That curious creature, Benjamin Ickies - accordionist, songwriter, and performer - who you may have seen at Dances of Vice parties and most recently at Foreign Affairs at the Night Hotel produced by the legendary NYC nightlife maven Lee Chappell.

Our favorite fried pork dish from the heart of Brooklyn, Dame Cuchifrita!

NYC's one and only Russian princess "in hiding", Nikkita Lemarcelle, will risk the unmasking of her identity to perform for you and tease your imagination.

Everyone's favourite chanteuse, Broadway Brassy, will bring down the red-hued back room as she does every Sunday.

And lastly, the creator and host of Dim Sum Burlesque, Calamity Chang.

Friday, November 13, 2009

November 15 Stellar Line Up!

Dim Sum Burlesque! has yet another packed house this Sunday! Pre-order your tickets online now to secure a seat for another show!

Everyone's favourite chanteuse, Broadway Brassy, is back at Dim Sum Burlesque this Sunday after two-nights of performing at the Floating Kabarett and "This Is Burlesque" with the world-famous Angie Pontani and Murray Hill!

Introducing a very special guest from Tokyo, Kossan the Zen Monk, will be playing the shanshin and singing old folk songs from Okinawa! (You know, Okinawa, where Mr. Miyagi was from in The Karate Kid!)

The statuesque burlesque goddess, Pandora Scintillator, will seduce you with her greek mysteries!

Ruby Valentine, the Alabaster Beauty, will grace our stage with her classic burlesque moves. She is a real treat!

Stealing her from her busy schedule, we bring you Miss Coney Island 2009 - Gal Friday!!

Ever sassy and juicy Strawberry Fields to put a spin and twist on your words and um, other things.

And last by not least, your hostess with the mostest, Calamity Chang!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Online Ticketing Available NOW

Now you can secure a seat online for any Sunday shows starting November 29th til the end of 2009 through Brown Paper Tickets!

If you are so very impatient and want to see the show before November 29th, you can also get on the waiting list by calling Chow Bar (212) 633-2212. We will do everything we can to try to get you in!

Online Ticketing Soon!

We will have online ticketing set up this week so you can pre-order your ticket and secure a seat for any Sunday shows from November 29th til the end of the year!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

November 8, 2009 Line Up!

Opening night was such a HUGE SUCCESS that I am honored to be able to bring back all your favorite performers to have a repeat performance this Sunday. Check back on this blog every Friday for that week's line-up!

Vocals by the immensely talented and popular Broadway Brassy singing classic torch songs (or whatever her mood strikes her).

The sexy Dame Cuchifrita with her conceptual and exotic acts. She's got the looks, and the brains. You don't mess with this think piece.

The elegant and glamorous Nikkita Lemarcelle bringing an air of sophistication to everything she does.

The statuesque burlesque goddess, Pandora Scintillator, will seduce you with her greek mysteries!

Ever sassy and juicy Strawberry Fields to put a spin and twist on your words and um, other things.

And last by not least, your hostess, Calamity Chang!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Hot off the press! Cultural Capital reviews opening night!

Cold sobriety is the kind of thing you have to ease into though — as hostess-with-the-mostest Calamity Chang knows very well. Tasty eats and visual treats are necessary on Sunday eve to ease a soul back into the work-a-day Purgatory awaiting on Monday. That is why she put together Dim Sum Burlesque at Chow Bar, which will run every Sunday for the rest of the month, and possibly the rest of the year. Calamity Chang told me they are booked for the rest of November, but you might be able to score a table if you walk in. No-shows are held until 9:00. I for one would love to have dim sum burlesque at Chow Bar on Sunday January 3rd 2010. Read the rest here >