Friday, March 5, 2010

March Roars In!

Just like the year of the tiger - watch out! While Calamity Chang jets off to be on the red carpet for that annual Oscar bash we'll be here cooking up some delish dishes to keep our senses and taste buds awake and anticipating the change of season ahead. We have some plump and tasty Canadian oysters on the half shell with a Chinese black vinegar mignonette (which actually means that white pepper is a key ingredient in this sauce - love the French for defining food preparations and of course couture - haute) Also crispy potato pancakes done with a twist - topped with sake cured salmon, scallion creme fraiche and salmon caviar - YUM ! The Wok is tossing up Spicy Korean Noodles ( linguini like FYI) with lemon grass beef, scallions and cucumber, hot, spicy and tasty. Look out for some menu changes too this weekend - by saturday I'm thinking
Peace and Love - See You at Chow!

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