Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Mid Week Specials!

Post Holiday blues aside - we are still cooking strong and creating some tasty new dishes to keep everyone warm and toasty. We've got Calamity's Sunday night Dim Sum show free of cover with some of NYC's best performers. I've also been baking up some tasty Oat bread to make a tasty twisted version of a kickin' Monte Cristo - It's spread with green olive tapenade, layered with buffalo mozzarella and holy basil, dipped in egg then panko, panfried with olive oil til crisp and delicious, served with some duck salami and paired with one of our wines by the glass. We are also simmering up a Hot and Sour Miso soup with soba noodles, sesame, tofu and hijiki seaweed.
MMM. See you at Chow Bar!

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