Thursday, January 21, 2010

Weekend Specials!

January seems to be flying by and we are keeping it rocking with Calamity's free hot n sexy Dim Sum Burlesque show with a rotating cast of NYC's most talented performers. Check her blog for the weekly update. I'm featuring a Spicy Sweet Salty and Sour Thai Chicken Soup with rice vermicelli - Grilled Hamachi aka Yellow Tail with a golden tomato vinaigrette and spicy guacamole - nice! Also a Stir Fry Beef LoMein with spinach noodles, holy basil and shiitake mushrooms. Christian is pouring a new California Chardonnay and Bringing on those Dark and Stormy Rum drinks with Ginger Beer. We are keeping refreshing and stimulating during these winter months! See you at Chow!

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